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OCBC Report to Congress 2020

The most important Boxing Event for Oceania National Federations in 2019 was the Boxing Championships of the Pacific Games which was conducted very successfully in the beautiful and hospitable nation of Samoa. The attention of Oceania National Federations then turned to preparation of their boxers for the 2020 Asia-Oceania Olympic Qualification Event at which a number of Oceania boxers qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, it needs to be emphasised that Oceania National Federations participate in combined Confederation tournaments ‘under protest’ - Oceania believes that AIBA, and the IOC, diminish and disrespect the Oceania Boxing community and, in particular, its boxers by the practice of combining it with Asia in such tournaments. We appeal to the AIBA Boxing Community, and the candidates for President, to recognise the Oceania National Federations as a separate Confederation and not just an ‘adjunct’ to our friends in Asia.
Following the holding of the Asia-Oceania Olympic Qualification Event the Covid-19 Pandemic struck. A ban on international travel in Oceania accompanied by severe restrictions on community activity in nearly all the Oceania nations had the result that the bad effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic were mostly kept out of Oceania (with the exception of one city). However, the suppression of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Oceania did bring our international Boxing activity to a standstill and depending on the nation, greatly reduce or stop domestic boxing competition and training. Sport of Boxing activity is now resuming in OCBC nations but there are still restrictions on international travel adversely affecting resumption of international competition.
Fortunately, prior to the onset of the Pandemic, AIBA through its Marketing Commission under the Chairmanship of Umar Kremlev, facilitated the holding in February in Fiji of a successful Conference of OCBC National Federations.
Unfortunately, in addition to the stopping of boxing competition, the Pandemic has prevented the conducting of the proposed OCBC program of R&J and Coach education seminars - when Government health authorities advise international travel is allowed the program will commence and Instructors will travel to locations in geographic grouping of neighbouring OCBC National Federations to conduct the seminars. The intention of these seminars is to prepare their participants to successfully undertake AIBA R&J and Coach Certification Courses. It is planned that following the conducting of the education seminars that R&J and Coach AIBA Certification Courses will be conducted. In the meantime, until international travel can be resumed in Oceania, Webinar R&J and Coach education seminars will be conducted.
On the positive side, we are pleased to advise that life is returning to normal in Oceania and that the Sport of Boxing is resuming. The OCBC Nations Federations look forward to meeting the world-wide AIBA community of National Federations in 2021. We thank our Governments, and God, for maintaining our safety during the Pandemic – and acknowledge that in this instance the isolation of Oceania nations from the rest of the world has been a blessing and a benefit. Our best wishes to all – and our prayers for the safety of all World Boxing Community participants and their families